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Star Style Scoop: Nicole Kidman

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from Casey Lewis

Star's Name: Nicole Kidman

Acting Credits: "Moulin Rouge," "Cold Mountain," "The Stepford Wives," "Bewitched"

Red Carpet Style: Since her divorce, Nicole is all about va-va-voom glamour. She manages to wear out-of-this-world designer gowns while still maintaining a completely “Nicole” vibe. While not every red carpet gown has universal appeal (think the gold dress from 2000 and the flapper look from 2004), Nicole takes fashion risks others wouldn't dare (like the gorgeous blue dress with feather from the 2005 Golden Globes).

Casual Style: Always sophisticated; often with preppy or bohemian undertones. She favors skinny jeans, sharp blazer, and heels with bold prints thrown into the mix (floral, argyle, stripes). Although accessories are usually minimal, Nicole always find the perfect bag and shoes to enhance her outfit.

Favorite Designers: Yves St Laurent, Chanel, Gucci

Hair: Beautiful red ringlets – sometimes down and curly, sometimes in a glamorous updo.

Makeup: Usually favors sheer, feminine makeup, light enough to let her creamy complexion and freckles peek through.

Notable Quote About Fashion: "I collect antique clothes. My mother dressed me in antique clothes from the flea market," -- Nicole Kidman in USA Today

Get the Look for Yourself: Tailored slim-fit jeans and a snug blazer are essential. From there, go one of two routes: a skinny button down, ballet flats, and pearls or a femme camisole, stilettos, and celebrity shades.

Shop for Nicole's Look: Gap, Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren

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