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Who Starts Trends?
Find out how trends get started and who decides what's hot or not.

How to Layer?
Want to know more about the fine art of layering your clothes to get year-round wear and look fashion-forward at the same time? Find it here.

Fashion 101
Wonder why everyone cares about what they wear? Can't figure out why fashion matters anyway? Find out exactly what fashion is, where trends come from and why it's still relevant today.

10 style rules you need to know
Common sense guidelines for navigating style, like how to decide if you're too old for a style, how to update your wardrobe and what's acceptable for work.

All about leather
Get the scoop on the hottest leather trends for him and her.

All about shoes
Get the scoop on the hottest footwear trends for men and women.

Celebrity Styles

Star Style Scoop: Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton doesn’t do anything half way–especially when photogs are around. She chooses only the brightest of colors, boldest of prints, and barest of silhouettes, then accessorizes with sky-high stilettos and sparkling diamonds. Find out more about Paris Hilton's star style.

Star Style Scoop: Nicole Kidman
She's the ruler of the red carpet, and only Nicole Kidman can pull of the daring, but glamorous looks that she's seen in at the Oscars, Golden Globes and more. Find out how to get her gorgeous look for yourself.

Star Style Scoop: Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson knows how to have fun with fashion. Find out how the songbird/newleywed/actress gets her sexy West Coast style and how to incorporate her look into your wardrobe.

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