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How To Layer?

Layering can stretch your wardrobe and take basics year-round. How to do it right:
  • Layer lightweight skirts and dresses over jeans. Works best over skinny jeans and with skirts that aren’t too full or long (around knee-length).
  • Layer funky t-shirts over long-sleeve white (or other solid) T-shirts.
  • Get a great go-with-everything fitted jacket in denim, corduroy or velvet.
  • Layer the bottom half of your body with tights worn under knee-high boots.
  • For a polished, professional look you can layer a matching shell and cardigan (aka a twinset).
  • For a fashion-forward look mix fabrics: put a sequined shrug over a T-shirt, a velvet jacket over a beaded top or a denim jacket over black jersey.

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