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Top 7 Ethnic Tunics

Beautifully embroidered, silky, colorful or sheer, the season's best top is the tunic with ethnic influences. Inspired loosely by the kurta -- a long and loose tunic worn on the Indian subcontinent, according to Dictionary.com -- this season's tunic looks great with crops or jeans and a wristful of wood bracelets. Sheer pieces may require a knit or silky camisole.

1) Embroidered BrownTunic

Why buy a knockoff when you can get the real thing, from Tory by TRB? This socialite turned designer has the most sophisticated designs in tunics. A chocolate brown tunic with turquoise embroidery around the neck, hem and cuff is an elegant boho look.

2) Embellished Split-Neck Top

Liz Claiborne's go-with-anything white tunic is a great match for jeans and embellished flats.

3) Tie-Back Tunic

Another variation on the tunic, a tie-back with asymmetrical hem, has pretty embellishment at the neck.

4) Embroidered Tunic

Get the season's hottest top for less than $10! Choose black or white knit with contrast embroidery.

5) Print Tunic

The print adds interest, while the drape of the fabric gives this tunic a fluid look. Front gathers under the bust flatter.

6) Tunic with Matching Cami

Be a boho babe in a pretty embellished georgette tunic with a matching cami.

7) Plus Size Tunic

Dimri's gorgeous turquoise silk tunic has hand-jeweled detail for added glamour.

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