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Buying an Engagement Ring She Will Love

Well, you have gone through the process of making a decision. You have chosen who to spend your life with, and you want to propose. Now, you need a ring to give to her when you pop the question.

You need to find the perfect ring, but how? This article will let you find the ring which will make her say Yes! just by taking one look at it. Since the ring symbolizes love, and care, it would always help to keep in mind what she likes, and what she doesnt. Since shell be wearing this ring day after day, giving her something she would like would definitely make her smile when she looks at it! If you have not even hinted once that you want to propose to that certain someone, then you definitely cannot ask her outright what kind of rings she likes. Start by taking notice of the rings she wears on her hands (if she wears any). If there are any of her girlfriends or relatives (mother or sister) who can let you know her preferences, and keep a secret at the same time, then ask them. Does she like gold or platinum? Heavy rings or delicate ones? If your love knows that youre going to pop the question at her, and it is understood that you are going to marry her, and her alone one day, then why not ask her outright? Look at the different rings together, from magazines, or the internet, and decide together on the perfect ring.

Even if you choose the ring together, and it loses the element of surprise, you can still make the proposal itself very special. Many families have heirlooms which simply have to be passed on to the next bride to be. That definitely does not mean it is a trap. You can simply present the ring to her, and have her wear it temporarily, and then choose something out together later. Now that you have decided what type of ring to buy, remember the four Cs when you go into the jewelry shop, to match the ring in your mind with an actual one. The four Cs stand for Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.

These are the four attributes which determine the quality of the diamond. The cut will affect the brilliance and shine of the diamond, the more the rating of the cut, the higher the light reflected from the diamond, and the more expensive it becomes. Color tells how much color the diamond has, the less the color, the better the diamond. Clarity will determine how many flaws the diamond has. Carat tells the size of the stone, and the will determine the price.

The more the weight of the diamond, the more the price. Choose the metal for the diamond. This means the choice has to be made between silver gold, and platinum.

Platinum is the most expensive out of the three metals, however it is also the most durable and strong. If you cannot afford platinum, then go for white gold, which gives the same color as platinum, but is essentially gold. If your love likes traditional yellow, then go for gold. The final step is to choose the setting, i.e.

one stone or many stones. If you want something with side stones, then should the side stones also be diamonds? Remember, the ultimate goal is to find the ring she will love!.

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