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Pashminas are the ideal fashion accessory in changeable weather

This article is really for those living in the colder climates. They say April comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. In other words, April is one messed up month weather-wise.

One day you can have 20c weather that's a precursor to the summer, the next you're clearing snow off your driveway. These days though, weird weather isn't confined to just April. It would seem that we're experiencing extremes in weather right through spring and summer. While the scientists and politicians argue over the causes of our strange weather, us mere mortals have to deal with the fickle weather patterns on the street level. This is where the humble pashmina can help with the changeable weather The pashmina shawl is not just a fashion accessory - it has its practical uses too when the weather changes as often as it can do in the spring and summer - and even autumn.

You can use it to keep you warm from northerly winds. When the wind drops and the sun comes out, and the temperature suddenly climbs 10 degrees, you can wear it around you waist as a wrap. There are many ways to wear a pashmina - each method has its own 'warmth factor The 'noose wrap' is gives you the most warmth. This is where the pashmina is wrapped around your neck like a scarf - ideal for chilly winds.

The 'Hollywood style' way of wearing a pashmina actually requires TWO pashminas of complimentary colours - both are loosely wrapped once around the necked and then thrown over the left shoulder. This would be the next warmest way to wear a pashmina. The 'full shawl wrap' is a nice style for temperate days.

You wear the pashmina on your shoulders and tied in a loose knot at the front around your stomach. Finally there's the 'belt / sarong' style - wrapped around your waist - ideal for warmer days. It's very easy to switch between the above styles when the weather suddenly changes - allowing you to stay warm / keep cool without losing any style points. Not only that, but pashminas are a great fashion accessory to colour code your clothing - it's easy to match the right colour pashmina with your t-shirt or jacket, and turn a single colour top into a nice two-tone look.

Mary Green is a freelance writer, and has written some articles for pashminagifts.co.uk - a website that sells a wide range of pashminas in various colours.


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Pashminas are the ideal fashion accessory in changeable weather - This article talks about the practical benefits of wearing a pashmina in changeable weather.


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