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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Is This Treatment Permanent and How Does It Affect the Value

Diamonds are gemstones which come in many forms. Some are naturally brilliant whereas others may be a little bit cloudy to the eye. The clarity of a diamond relates to how brilliant and sparkly a diamond really is. These days consumers are able to purchase clarity enhanced diamonds where the original diamond may not have been quite as superior in clarity terms but has since been altered to be more so.

Prospective diamond purchasers should learn a bit about clarity enhanced diamonds prior to purchasing these types of gemstones so that they can determine if this type of diamond is what they really wish to buy.

Procedures Used for Enhancing Diamond Clarity

There are two main types of procedures which are used to enhance the clarity of a diamond. The first process is known as laser treatment or laser drilling.

With the permanent treatment known as laser drilling, a laser is used to perforate the surface of the diamond and a tiny hole is drilled into the stone itself.

Once this has been done, any inclusions or marks within the diamond are drilled out by the laser. Sometimes acid is used to flush out imperfections within the diamond. Diamonds which have undergone laser drilling may have small trails within the diamond although they can look natural and go undetected by consumers.

A second procedure associated with clarity enhanced diamonds is fracture filling. Fracture filling entails having cracks within the diamond filled in with a clear substance.

Although laypersons will most likely be unable to see these fillings, the treatment is not permanent like the laser drilling is and future deterioration may be imminent throughout the life of the diamond.

Do Clarity Enhancements Affect the Overall Value of the Diamond?

The value of a diamond is an extremely important concept for many individuals. Since they are supposed to last forever, those who buy these beautiful gemstones hope that the value of the diamond is good as well. With both of these aforementioned treatment procedures, one who buys a clarity enhanced diamond should not pay the same price for such as a naturally perfect one.

Since the diamond did not start out as perfect, the consumer should not pay the same amount for an enhanced diamond as one which was not enhanced.

With that said, a laser treated diamond will often be worth much more than a fracture filled diamond for a few different reasons. First, the laser treated stone is one which has undergone a more state of the art, specialized treatment and will therefore produce greater results. Secondly, the diamond which has been treated by lasers will see permanent, lasting results unlike the fracture filled diamond which may erode or darken over time.

Therefore, one will find that the overall value of a laser treated diamond is much better than a fracture filled diamond.

Should Consumers Buy Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

When trying to decide whether or not to buy clarity enhanced diamonds, the purchaser needs to consider a few things. First, if one is looking for a naturally perfect diamond, then buying one which has undergone clarity enhancement treatments may not be right for them.

Secondly, if a buyer wishes to get a good deal on a diamond then perhaps considering a clarity enhanced diamond is not a bad idea after all. In the end, the product which they are purchasing is one that although it may be imperfect to begin with, the finished result is a brilliant shiny diamond.


About the Author (text)James Greene is a Graduate Gemologist and Master Gemologist Appraiser. James has been in the jewelry and appraisal business for over 25 years and specializes in Insurance and estate appraisals. http://www.diamondmarketwatch.com

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