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Combining comfort and fashion cuff strap watches could be the solution

For many men, there are few items more indispensable than a comfortable watch. But, like all items of clothing and accessories, comfort often has to give way to fashion and watches are sadly not excluded from this trend. So, how can you find a watch that feels like silk on your wrist but also adheres to today's male fashion rules? It's a tough dilemma to solve, but the answer could be a lot simpler than you think. In fact, cuff watches - tipped off to be a major feature of men's accessory fashion this year - could be the solution.

Let's face it: your leather strap watch might feel like part of your arm now, but do you remember those early days before it was broken in? Not only was it vastly uncomfortable but you probably had a hard time getting it on and off everyday. Taking care of an ordinary leather watch strap can also be difficult. For instance, if your watch is fastened with a buckle and you wear it daily, the leather strap will inevitably give way to wear and tear and it could be just a year before you need to replace it. Opting for a metal bracelet watch strap will reduce the problem of wear and tear, but could throw up other quandaries.

For example, a silver, platinum or steel bracelet watchstrap is unlikely to suit every outfit in your wardrobe. Neither, for that matter, is a gold bracelet strap, which - due to gold being a soft metal - will also wear thin at a faster rate than other metals. Furthermore, metal bracelet watchstraps often involve a series of links or chains, which can dull easily and be very difficult to clean. Cuff strap watches, on the other hand, are altogether less likely to wear thin or break.

Since there's no buckle or fastening mechanism (the strap is simply shaped to cuff round your wrist), there's less pressure exerted on the strap and, in all probability, it will last longer. If you lead an active lifestyle and want the security of knowing your watch strap won't fall off, cuff strap watches can still deliver: simply find a cuff strap watch with a Velcro fastening. And if you love the look of leather, never fear: cuff strap watches can be found in leather as well as cloth, so you'll be able to preserve that sophisticated timepiece-look you've come to love while making sure you preserve your status as a men's fashion icon!.

Paul McIndoe is an online, freelance journalist and keen hillwalker. He lives in Scotland with his two dogs.


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