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Do Collagen Supplements Really Help Prevent And Treat The Effects Of Aging

In our quest to remain younger looking, we try to eat a healthy diet and take plenty of supplements. We increase our water intake and practice deep breathing exercises to make sure that we are properly oxygenated. We avoid those harmful sun rays by slathering on plenty of sun block and donning a hat with a wide brim. We may even practice yoga or Pilates, to get the flexibility we had in our youth. So why isn't all of this working? We still look in the mirror and see our hair is thinning and lines on our faces that we swear weren't there yesterday. The reason that we have not stopped the signs of aging is because we are not really aware of what is actually needed.

The reason that the younger generation has such smooth, tight skin and glossy, full hair, is because of their natural stores of collagen. Collagen is found in the tissues that are responsible for our skin, hair and nails. As we get older, this supply diminishes with age and our skin begins to sag. We may also notice that our hair is not as full and lustrous as it once was.

Many people, who suffer from joint pain, take aspirin and apply hot or cold packs, trying to alleviate the discomfort. Collagen is also responsible for strong joints, which is why we may suddenly develop aches in our joints as time goes by. Some people turn to collagen injections that are injected into facial tissues to smooth wrinkles. This is only a temporary fix and you can be assured that future injections will be required in order to obtain the look of youth. Another way to replace lost collagen is by taking supplements that contain them.

This is a way to treat the collagen loss from the inside out. Topical collagen will be temporary at best, but when taken orally, the effects will be much longer lasting. There are plenty of supplements to be found in various health food stores. There are two types of collagen available, Type I and Type II. These types of collagen are the ones that are in our hair, nails, skin, muscles, bones, eyes, teeth and tendons.

They are also responsible for strong cartilage support. By taking these types of oral collagen supplements, we can replenish that which is naturally lost with age. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as the fountain of youth. You still have to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good nutritional habits, in order to look and feel healthy and youthful. By taking oral supplements, you can add even more benefits to your already healthy regimen. It certainly is less painful than getting injections and will last a lot longer as well.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as anti aging wrinkle cream at http://www.antiwrinklecreamplus.com


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