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Do You Suffer From Excess Skin

Obesity has become a big problem over the past couple of years, and there are a lot of people out there who absolutely hate the way that they look. They want to do anything that would help them to lose weight; however, some people never have the motivation to exercise. Often people are told by their doctors that if they do not lose their weight, they are literally going to die, and this can leave them absolutely scared witless. With no motivation to exercise or diet, many people take drastic action and go under the knife. Many overweight people have surgery to help remove the fat from the body, and to help them to lose weight. This is all well and good, but sometimes there is an excess of skin left over which can leave the person feeling just as bad as they did before.

After the surgery, the skin loses it elasticity and it no longer retains the same shape. The changes in your skin can involve wrinkling, sagging, and even skin folds can appear as well as a few other problems with the skin. This can cause problems for the affected person, and another surgical procedure may be needed to cure this.

Removing Excess Skin When thinking of cosmetic surgery, you may only think of the obvious treatments such as a nose job or breast implants. However, there are a lot of cosmetic procedures that can be carried out, and there are ones available out there for people who need excess skin removed. Abdominoplasty is one of the surgical treatments that can help remove excess skin, and many people absolutely swear by it. When people have had the surgery to remove fat from the stomach, the skin might have flapped over, or it could be left overhanging, and that is why they need this surgery done. This surgery helps to remove that excess skin, and the end result of this surgery is that the patient will experience a much smoother and thinner appearance to their stomach area, and that excess skin will be completely gone.

Abdominoplasty can really benefit women with stretched areas around the abdomen which are caused due to pregnancies. It is also good for older patients whose skin has lost its elasticity and who are slightly over weight. There are two types of Abdominoplasty. Mini-Abdominoplasty This surgery is for people who have less excess skin, and the result is that the scar will be a lot shorter, and it will not be around the belly button.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty Now this surgery is needed for people who have a lot of excess skin. The problem is that with this surgery, a bigger scar will be left which will extend from the front to the back. Another surgical procedure that can be used is liposuction.

Liposuction achieves results by removing any fat that is not needed from areas around the thighs, knees, buttocks, waist, hips, etc. To be considered as a good candidate for this treatment, you are advised to have a realistic expectation about what this surgery can do for you. This surgery can help you with your appearance and self confidence, but it will not change your looks.

Any expectations you have, are better being mentioned to the surgeon before you actually have the surgery done. The surgeon will be able to discuss your expectations and tell you if they are realistic. In your consultation, your surgeon will look at everything from your health to how much fat needs to be taken off etc. Then they will talk to you about the procedures that are best suited for you.

There may be special requirements leading up to the surgery and also, if you develop a skin condition or a cold, the surgery may have to be postponed until you have fully recovered. After the surgery, the surgeon usually advises the patient to try and walk as soon as possible in order to stop the swelling, and to stop blood clots from occurring in your legs. It will take a week or two for you to start feeling better, but you can go back to work a few days after surgery if you are well enough. So if you do suffer from excess skin, there are options available to you through cosmetic surgery.

Make sure that you find a qualified, reliable surgeon, and always talk through your expectations with them. You really do not want to be left disappointed after undergoing such a big procedure!.

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