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How to Choose The Right Engagement Diamond That Is Sure To Excite Your Fiance

You've finally met the girl of your dreams and you're ready to pop the question. Before you do, you have the tough job of picking out the perfect diamond for your bride to be. It used to be a lot easier, since there were pretty standard cuts being offered. All you needed to remember was the four Cs rule of diamonds, which are color, carats, cut and color. Now, with all the new different designs and cuts adorning jewelry store show cases, it can be tough to choose the right one. One of the earliest cuts developed is still the most popular cut today.

The round brilliant diamond has come a long way from the being cut with simple tools by gem cutters from a bygone era to now being cut using exact mathematical equations. These new cutting techniques bring out all of the dazzling brilliance that the diamond has to offer. There are other traditional cuts, such as the pear shaped diamond whose cut is similar to the shape of the fruit it is named after. There are also heart shaped diamonds that certainly convey the affection you feel for your intended or the emerald and oval shaped diamonds, both of which are still popular.

There are brides that don't want the traditional shapes, but would prefer to have one that is unique in design. There are several patented cuts that are now being offered. The Elara is a diamond that has a square cut with rounded corners.

The Couples Diamond requires extreme precision during the cutting process because the facets inside reflect arrows or a circle of hearts. The Asscher is unusual in that it has a square cut but has rounded facets. There is the Ashoka diamond that requires a raw stone of at least three carats and the final diamond has elongated ends.

There is also the Eternal cut diamond that was patented by Asprey and Garrard. Be prepared to pay more as the carat weight increases. Keep in mind that the larger the stone, the more it will cost. For example a diamond cluster ring that features 10 10pt diamonds will cost less than a 1 carat solitaire. A two carat solitaire will cost more than the one carat and so on.

If you want to give your intended a large ring but can't afford to pay the price for large solitaires, you can enhance the appearance of a smaller solitaire by embellishing it with baguettes or trillions. These additions to the solitaire will make the presentation even more attractive and give the appearance of a more expensive ring. Whatever style of ring you choose, your bride to be will adore having it grace her hand.

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