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Jay Strongwater More Than Jewelry

In 1981, Jay Feinberg, a college sophomore, stayed his mother's hand as she was about to purchase a necklace. He wanted to design something just for her. A trip to the local craft store yielded some oversized wooden beads, black, and gold paint. He made for his mother a series of necklaces which she wore all over the place. When a boutique owner noticed the jewelry and wanted some pieces for her shop, a career was begun! Jay Feinberg spent his summer making the big, colorful jewelry that characterized the 1980s. He finally took his creations to "Open Days" at the higher end New York department stores and soon had many orders for his work.

He quit school and pursued his new calling, landing an important position working with Oscar de la Renta making jewelry to be worn by his beautiful models. Opening up a partnership under his own name, the business closed and Jay Feinberg lost the right to produce his work under his own name! Taking his mother's maiden name, he went on to make it famous: today Jay Strongwater's work is known and sought after globally. His museum quality jeweled pieces have a vintage air about them. The Jay Stongwater collection now boasts so much more than jewelry. He has designed a wide variety of items for the home, including jeweled clocks, lipstick cases, tables, Christmas ornaments, candelabras, and exquisite boxes. There are floral tea lights, enameled jars-even a cream and white enamel tissue box decorated with jewels and metals.

Finally, he has a stunning line of picture frames which have become favored gifts among celebrities. Jay Strongwater pieces have a unique quality about them, evoking the early days of Hollywood glamour. His sparkling works are whimsical and charming. Often taking his design ideas from nature, he crafts turtles, frogs, butterflies, leaves, and delicate flowers. These elegant pieces exhibit a high level of artistry and craftsmanship, making them gifts any receiver would love.

If you're looking for for Jay Strongwater pieces, make sure you buy from reputable retailers.


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