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The Top Fragrances And Perfumes Of All Time

People love perfume. It is no doubt that the perfume industry worldwide makes around ten billion dollars every year. Perfume has been there for a very long time. Because people love to always smell good, perfume manufacturers always try to come up with a fragrance that would smell appealing to people.

Through the years, several brands of perfumes have been introduced to the market. All seem to smell good. However, there are only some that remain in the market and have been all-time favorites by many people and are even worn and endorsed by some of the famous and well-known personalities in the world. The taste for perfume is different for everybody. Some like strong and some like mild.

Despite this fact, the tastes for perfumes always have a point where almost everybody‚??s tastes seem to meet and compliment. These are irregardless of price because both ordinary and above ordinary like them. People of the past and present never grow tired of them. Below are the top 5 noted perfumes for women of all time. These are not in particular order.

* Chanel No. 5 It was created by Coco Chanel in 1921. One of the most famous personalities who claim to love this perfume much is none other than Marilyn Monroe.

In an interview, she said she wouldn't wear any perfume to bed but Chanel No. 5. This perfume has stayed popular through the years not only because Marilyn Monroe or other celebrities endorsed it. It's the classic powdery scent and staying power that makes it a favorite and remain up to this very day. * L'heure Bleu It was created by Guerlain long before other perfumes were created. Its name means the blue hour.

This perfume has a sweeter fragrance that creates its delightful scent. This is perfect for both young and old. * Creed Tuberose Indiana It was created in 1980 and until now, many women including well-known celebrities go after it.

Its fruity and citrus scent that creates a sexy feeling is loved by Madonna, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Goldie Hawn and others. * Bulgary Pour Femme It is one of the most original scents of Bulgari which was created in 1994. The scent is perfect for a free spirited woman.

Its scent has a blend of jasmine, orange blossom and violet. This blend creates a floral scent which is loved by Whitney Houston, Lisa Kudrow and others. * Christian Dior Eau de Dolce Vita This citrus floral and happy scent was created by Christian Dior.

Known to anyone, particularly celebrities such as Charlize Theron and Kristin Scott Thomas, this perfume created in 1998 creates an exquisite scent of femininity. Perfumes are not only created for women. Men also have passion for perfumes. Since men, do not wear cosmetics like women do, they invest much into perfume which is considered as their main cosmetic. Like women‚??s perfume, several brands have come and go but there are these perfumes that men love most.

Below are the top 5 perfumes for men in no particular order. * Giorgio Armani Emporio Armani Night Though it was launched only in 2003, this perfume has a blend of spice and aromatic woods and grapefruit that creates a masculine effect has soared high in the market. It is worn by many male celebrities particularly. This is perfect for older and younger men.

It is highly recommended to be worn on daytime. * Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren With its clean scent, it is perfect for men always on the go. It was introduced in 1978 and until now, men still go for this all time favorite scent. It‚??s a classic scent that never really grows old. * Hugo Boss for Men This fragrance is perfect for men full of energy. The blend of fruits and spices conveys freshness bound by a masculine effect.

* Cool Water Cologne Eau De Toilette Spray for men by Davidoff With its cool scent, most men prefer using this Davidoff created fragrance. It was created in 1988 blending the finest of rosemary, sage and coriander accented with amber and oak wood. This finest blend created a scent perfect for everyday use.

* Eternity Cologne Eau De Toilette Spray for men by Calvin Klein Calvin Klein launched this perfect scent for men in 1989. It contains the contrasting blend of sweet and spicy aromas that create a cool masculine effect to those who use it. Fragrance indeed is a personal choice.

You should pick one that smells good on you. The above mentioned top 5 perfumes for men and women are just guide to help you pick you‚??re your choice. Many men and women, not to mention different famous people in the world have liked them making them the top 5 among many other brands.

Your choice might be the same as theirs.

Susan is a contributing copywriter to Fuzing.com where you will find tens of thousands of trade leads for Fragrances and Perfumes.


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