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Wedding Jewelry Why Accessorizing Yourself With The Right Jewelry Is So Important

No shopping prior to a wedding would be complete without the purchase of wedding jewelry. Most weddings are based on tradition so a wedding would be incomplete without jewelry, especially the rings. The wedding ring is not just an ornament but a symbol of the love that you have for your spouse. So you need to buy the ring with extra care. After all, these rings are meant to stay with you for a lifetime.

Remember on your wedding day, the first things people want to see are your wedding rings. Unlike the engagement ring, it is best to choose your rings together so that you are sure that you each have what you prefer. It is an age old belief that wearing the wedding ring on left hand keeps your love with you forever. This is because it was believed that the vein of love runs from left hand to the index finger.

This is why people wear the wedding rings on the left hand. Though it used to be the tradition that the wedding rings be of plain gold, now gold rings with studded diamonds are also used. Once you choose the desirable wedding ring, your search for wedding jewelry is not over.

Depending on the dress you wear and hair style you'll have, you will need to plan for the other wedding jewelry as well. Give yourself enough time to choose them carefully. You can choose to have jewelry with gemstones, diamonds or ruby embedded into gold. Unless your wedding rings are a mixture of metals, such as white and yellow gold, it is best to stick to one metal for your wedding jewelry. Wearing different metals around the neck, earrings and wrist looks unattractive. Select a proper necklace that matches the style of your dress.

With a strapless bodice, you may choose to have a choker. A dress with V-neck line looks good with a single diamond chain. If your hair is short or swept off your face, your earrings will be easily seen. You may go for diamond earrings, pearl earrings or those of gold. Designs may include studs, drops or rings. Sometimes as a sentimental touch you may have the opportunity to wear the jewelry of your family members.

It may be that your grand mother's diamond ring, your aunt's pearl earrings, your mother's bracelet and your sister's necklace are available for you to wear. This adds a special touch to the wedding jewelry and helps with the 'something old' part of the wedding pieces. Unless you are going for something non-traditional, deep colored stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds are not considered suitable for the wedding day.

It is probably best to choose lighter colors like topaz, aquamarine and citrine. If you have you dress designed with beads you may consider wearing a pearl necklace and earrings. Some brides like to have simulated precious stones on their dress, especially the bodice. You might like to wear diamond wedding jewelry if your dress is designed with crystals.

However, if your dress includes a lot of beading, it is best to either go for a simple style of necklace or none at all to avoid a too-made-up look. As far as wrist is concerned, a bracelet to match your other jewelry would look attractive. A wedding is a based on tradition and so is the wedding jewelry. Take time to choose the appropriate jewelry to make your wedding a perfect one. Summary: A wedding is a based on tradition and so is the wedding jewelry. No shopping prior to a wedding would be complete without the purchase of wedding jewelry.

So take time to choose the appropriate jewelry to make your wedding a perfect one.

Brooke Hayles
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