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Wedding Ring Buying Tips To have and to hold

Exchanging "I do's" and kissing the bride are undoubtedly popular moments in every wedding. But of no less importance is the moment when the groom places a wedding ring on the finger of his bride, and vice versa. This symbolizes the binding of two hearts in the circle of a new life together. Here, we'll take a look at a few wedding ring buying tips to help prepare for that most special moment. Tradition holds that the man buys the ring for his bride and the bride for her groom.

This custom is still popular today, with a large number of men being especially lavish when it comes to giving wedding rings. Witness a few celebrity examples: a Fred Leighton ten-carat marquis-cut ring Michael Douglas gave to Catherine Zeta-Jones, the five-carat Asscher-cut diamond ring Kate Hudson received from Chris Robinson, and the Neil Lane diamond ring Madonna got from husband Guy Ritchie. Of course, the majority of men don't have the means to buy rings worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, but that doesn't mean that they won't be able to find just the right ring. Many couples go shopping together for their wedding nowadays, and that's a good idea.

However, many of them make the mistake of adjusting their budgets to accommodate the price of the rings. It should be the other way around. Shop for the most attractive and suitable rings that fit comfortably within your budget. Buying smart doesn't automatically mean buying expensive. The metal used for the ring will affect its price. Yellow gold of 14-18 karats remain the most popular option, unadorned or only with the barest of designs.

White gold is also a popular choice for wedding bands. Titanium rings, although more expensive, are gaining a reputation among men because of its toughness, durability and light weight. The same thing goes for platinum rings.

Many couples opt to embellish their rings with gemstones of one kind of another; not only for their beauty, but perhaps for some symbolism that holds a personal meaning for both the bride and groom. Many wedding ring buying tips give good advice when it comes to design selection. Couples can also choose to have a personal message engraved on the inner part of their rings as a perpetual reminder of their love. The ring is a symbol of eternity which itself symbolizes marriage, and there are other signs and symbols that can be incorporated into a ring's design.

inscribed Claddagh or Celtic wedding rings, Jewish rings -- all these and more express in one way or another the sublime love of two people in love and who are about to make a commitment. The ring plays a prominent role not only in the wedding ceremony, but also in the lives of the married couple. These men and women should take the time to learn about wedding ring buying tips; it's not only a good financial move, it's also an investment in their emotional future together.

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